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Q. How will my Harley Davidson be paid for?

 A. The quickest and most secure way to pay you is through an  electronic transfer from our account to yours. There is no charge for  this service and in most cases we make the transfer while at your bank  or address. If you prefer we can pay you with a bankers draft, this can either be  paid to you on collection of your Harley, or we can get the bank draft  from a TSB Bank usually your local branch. 

Q. Can I sell my Harley for cash?

 A. Depending on how much your Harley is worth this is sometimes possible, however it is not practical or secure to carry around

large sums of cash. It can also take considerable time to withdraw and deposit large sums  of cash from a bank, therefore making the process of purchasing your  Harley less efficient and time consuming. 

Q. What if I owe finance on my Harley?

 A. We would need you to obtain a settlement figure from your finance company. If you intend to settle the finance yourself then we would need to see a clearance letter confirming this. However we do usually settle the finance ourselves on your behalf,  this would usually be by telegraphic transfer direct to the finance  company. If there is a finance deficit i.e. You owe more than the Harley's value  then we would need the balance in cleared funds before we settle the  finance on your behalf. 

Q. What if I have not described my Harley properly ?

 A. We would have base the price of your Harley on your  description of  it. This would include the condition the mileage,  the age, and the service history. This will all be confirmed with you when we collect the bike. If for  instance the Harley is described as immaculate, therefore needing no  preparation prior to sale and we discover that there is a damaged fender  or worn tyres etc. then we would adjust the price accordingly. If the Harley is described to us accurately then the price would stay what we agreed.


Q. What if I do not have a registration document for the Harley (V5)? 

A. For us to buy the Harley from you we would need your registration  document. If it has been lost or mislaid it is an easy process to obtain  a replacement. It can either be done online from DVLA or completing a V62 from your  post office. You can now also apply direct to DVLA by telephone which is  by far the quickest and most efficient way.  

Q. Would I get a better price for my Harley if I part exchange it?

A. The simple answer to this is yes. Often the part exchange price  you are offered is an inflated valuation of your Harley. This is because  the price you are paying for your new motorcycle is also at an inflated price. To obtain the best possible deal for you is to sell your motorcycle  yourself. You are then in a strong position to negotiate on your new motorcycle  and to obtain maximum discount! 

Q. Will you collect my Harley and do you charge? 

A. Yes we will collect your Harley from either your home or office. There is no charge for this! 

Q. What models do you buy?

 A. We are especially interested in purchasing the following models 

All Harley-Davidson models from approximately 1986 to the current model year